"Getting my breasts smashed is not my favorite cup of tea. For months I've dreaded going to get a mammogram. When I went to the Women's Clinic in Baytown I met two beautiful spirited women, Regina and Cassandra. I had such a blast I forgot I was getting a mammogram. If I could contact all the women in the world I would tell them it's okay to go see Regina and Cassandra at the Women's Clinic of Baytown. They will take care of you!"

- Anita Jenkins

"I fell into my meeting with Dr. Shetty and it changed the course of my treatment. I learned from him that I had been misdiagnosed with breast cancer. This was a very dramatic switch from preparing myself, my family and friends for my surgery. His expertise, interest, compassion and support was exactly what I needed. Since that time, I have been very rigorous in the upkeep of my appointments just to be sure. I owe him a debt of gratitude. As I have learned, I am not alone. What a wonderful, first rate physician. He receives my full hearted endorsement and highest rating."

- Ruth Kennan

'I attended the open house for BWC & have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Shetty on many occasions. He is at the top of the A list personally and professionally. So glad to have him in our area.Make you an appointment and get your Tatas checked ladies!'

- Donna H
Winnie, Texas

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